Potato Chip Knitting

So I have a few WIP to talk about this week for my WIPW post.  Not all of them are exactly knitting, per say, but they are all knitting related.  I feel that a list is a bit appropriate today, but I swear, I won’t be trailing on forever.

1.  Catching up on Podcasts.  This is a must!  I am 8 episodes behind on listening to The Knitmore Girls Podcast.  I tend to try out new podcasts, but there are two podcasts I listen to religiously.  That would be The Knitmore Girls and Knit Knit Cafe.  The past two days I have caught up with past 5 or 6 episodes of Knit Knit Cafe and Abby said something that really caught my interest.  She talked about different types of knitting.  Basically auto-pilot knitting, social knitting, and more complicated stuff.  But she also mentioned Potato Chip Knitting.    I was bluffed when she said this, but then she described it as the knitting that you can’t put down.  You just have to keep going with that project till it’s done.  Well, I’m realizing that my Starry Night Hat was a potato chip knit.  That’s why I seemed to enjoy the knitting monogamy so much.  I thought I just loved the idea of knitting monogamy but after that project I was right back to being a promiscuous knitter (once again an Abby term that I love).

2.  Another WIP would be organization.  I think I have my stash just about as organized as possible right now till I get a few more craft boxes and the additional room for them on my bookshelves.  I do however have a binder bursting of patterns, and then a pile here and there of other patterns.  I just bought new binders today to create a better organization for that.

3.  No pictures of this today because, well, you’ve seen it enough times.  The Skyp Socks for the hubby.  Once again they are a WIP but I’m getting farther!  Gotten to the heel now and hoping to be done next week.  I should be posting about them in Friday FOs next week, not WIP again!

I thought I had more to share.  I really did.  I also knit an ornament this week, but that is holding off for another post.  Short but sweet this week. Pop over to Tami’s Amis to read other WIPW posts.

7 thoughts on “Potato Chip Knitting

  1. I love those two podcasts as well:) and good job on getting so far along on the skyp socks! can’t wait to see the FO:) i didn’t link up on WIPW because i linked to the yarn along post. somehow i didn’t feel right doing two, but i guess it would’ve been just fine. i had some v-day and b-day shopping to do today, so i had lunch at the mall. it was pretty good:)

  2. Thanks for the recommends on the knitting podcasts. I don’t listen to any currently but will definitely give these a try, along with the Knit Picks one!

  3. I love those two podcasts! I always listen to them as soon as I can after they come out.

    “Potato chip” knitting has always sort of baffled me, because I don’t like chips. If it were chocolate cookie knitting, I’d understand 😉

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