Monthly Ornament KAL

At the end of  2010 I searched for some Monthly groups on Ravelry.  By monthly I was thinking of some type of theme like weight loss, stash-down or something of the sort.  I found a Monthly Ornament KAL group.  The whole point behind the KAL is that you get your Christmas knitting done month by month and you can either use the ornaments for yourself or for gifts!  So I joined!  Right at the end of December or beginning of January I joined.  And I’ve been meaning to blog about it since.  I probably never got around to blogging about the group because I never got around to knitting my ornament for January.  Not till last week.  I know, I know, it’s February…….

The way the group works is that you have a choice of two different ornaments per month.  There’s also a few wild cards you can substitute if you don’t like the particular options for the month.  January’s options were a bluebird or a Christmas pickle.  I chose the Christmas pickle and part of the reason I’m did that is because it’s actual a German tradition.  It’s quite hard to find a true story on the tradition, but the whole thing goes like this.  The pickle ornament is supposed to be a good luck charm, and also to be the last ornament put on the tree.  Then when the kids wake up in the morning they look for the ornament.  The one to find it gets an extra ornament from St. Nicholas.  It’s a nice idea because it makes the children pay attention and admire the ornaments before ripping into Christmas gifts.  Well, even if it’s February I made my January ornament and I’m almost done with the February one.


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