Baby Surprise

A friend of mine is having a baby.  Another one!  I have baby fever!  I just met her a few months ago, truthfully and she’s a fellow knitter.  I really was skeptical about the idea of making her something.  But I think I need to after hearing her story.  Since no one knows her, I feel comfortable sharing.  It’s quite a bitter-sweet story.

Her husband and her have been trying to get pregnant for years.  She has had several miscarriages, I’m not quite the sure of the number.  She had to hire a private doctor, here in Germany, just to help her & her husband get pregnant.  She didn’t get any more in depth than that so I don’t know if fertility treatments or artificial insemination was involved.  I personally didn’t feel comfortable asking more information than that, seeing as she was telling me a very personal story.  A story I can imagine is not too easy to talk about.   After the doctor’s help she was able to conceive!  Twins too!!  Well, unfortunately she lost one of those twins very early on in her pregnancy.

As tragic of a story as this may be, I have to give her props.  I look up to her for the wonderful positive attitude she has had through her whole issue.  She is very upbeat, and willing to share her story.  And she is blessed with a healthy baby girl and it almost full term!  The chance of anything going wrong with her baby right now is low, and I personally cannot wait till the day I get a call saying she is in the hospital!  I decided I need to make her something.  Something special.  I’ve thought about making a Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman.  I thought it might be appropriate for a fellow knitter.    I’ve thought about a cute stuffed animal as well.  I’d love any suggestions though.  What would you make?


6 thoughts on “Baby Surprise

  1. If you’re alright with fiddly bits, I’d suggest a stuffed toy, especially if it’s a cute one (some knitted toys out there freak me out!).

    To be honest, I don’t think it matters as most people would be touched by the gift of handmade. I’d love to see what you decide on.

  2. I think February Baby Jacket would be super cute, especially for a girl. And/or a stuffed toy. I’ve knit Elephante by Susan B. Anderson (it’s a free patern) twice already and loved it each time. There are tons of cute toy patterns on Ravelry.

    • Thanks so much! I looked up Susan B Anderson’s free patterns! I think I’m going to make the elephante and the pacifier chain! So cute! Great idea!

  3. the baby surprise jacket is really popular, i would maybe make it, but have a toy on needles for backup:) i know you made a cute teddy bear or two and they were super cute! and lastly, it is the thought that counts, so i’m sure whatever you decide, it will be great, and she’ll love it:)

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