All In the Name Of V-day

It’s Valentine’s Day!  With saying that, I don’t really get into the holiday as some.  No decorations or seven course meals here.  Just a little something.  I might buy a gift (like this year- which hasn’t gotten here yet!!) but I always try to do something handmade per say.  Last year I borrowed a massage table from a dear friend and got a few lessons.  Then I set up my office like a massage room and surprised him!  This year I decided I’d make an apple pie.  Now, may readers may not know me as well as my friends, but this is kind of a big deal.  I have never made an apple pie *gasp*.  Mainly because I don’t eat apples *double gasp*.  I can still hear my childhood friend’s dad saying “You’re un-American if you don’t like apple pie!”. When I told my mom what I was doing she even asked “are you really going to cut and peel the apples by hand?  Or are you using filling?”

Well, I did it.  All from scratch, might I add.  It’s in the oven cooking right now!  I made the pie crust this morning.  Took a walk to the local grocery, bought some Golden Delicious apples and got to peelin’.  Both recipes, the crust and the pie came from the book All About Pies & Tarts published by Joy Of Cooking.  I have to say, I thought the whole thing would turn out ok….I mean I don’t even have a rolling pin.  But so far, so darn good.  I am impressed with myself.  I don’t know how it tastes yet, but it sure looks like a masterpiece.  I’m hoping that the hubs really enjoys it!  And best of all, I’m proud of myself!

3 thoughts on “All In the Name Of V-day

  1. Way to go! we don’t really celebrate either, although today we are going on a “day date.” It’s one of the first times neither of us has been working on this day and we can spend it together…

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