Goodbye February

I cannot believe how short February has been.  It just flew by!  And it’s been warm!  I’ve had days I don’t even believe it really was February, but now it’s over.  It’s March.  Which means it is acceptable for Spring to really kick in gear, which I hope is currently happening right now.  It has been gorgeous the past few days.  Then we had one day of snow which I guess was Mother Nature’s way of getting her last word in.  But yesterday was in the 40’s and it’s supposed be like that just about all week.  But I have to say I’m so excited for the weather not because of the temperatures but for the sun!  It’s going to be gorgeous all week which is quite surprising.  It could be 10 degrees out and I would still be excited for this sun.  This is because the area we live in really doesn’t get much sun at all.  So I’m going to soak up as much as possible.

Easy ways to soak up the sun?  My new bike!  I just went out to pick it up yesterday.  It is my Valentine’s Day present a bit late, but that’s ok because I got to pick it out and use it the day I brought it home!  I’m loving it already, and I’ve only had it home for one day!!  It is my new baby though:


Onto March!  You know what that means!  New monthly goals, but before I go over my new ones I want to review my February goal.  First goal was to blog more often, and I blogged a whole 13 times in February compared to 5 times in January.  I’m quite happy about that improvement.  Next, the cleaning schedule.  I can’t seem to make that work.  But I’ll touch more on that for this months goals.  I’m glad to know that I have more time for my preemie hats since I really haven’t gotten through as much scraps as I would like.  I have however really been working on them alot the past week or so.

Now for new goals-

#1.  Wash and fold 1 load of laundry everyday, and put the clothes away!  I think if I can do this I won’t get behind.  I always get behind on laundry!  And 1 load isn’t much effort at all!

#2.  Lose 5 more pounds.  I’ve been going to my Pilates class every single week.  I’ve been running one or two miles every time I head to the gym and I’ve been going at least twice a week.  Now that the Pilates class is over (the instructor is having a baby) I’m planning to go to Yoga twice a week.  Starting today!  Plus I have my new baby to ride.   I’m so close to a short term goal I’ve had for way too long.  Once I meet that goal I will be continuing on with my weight loss to a larger goal but I just want to concentrate small for this month.

#3.  Finish February’s Ornament KAL and get March’s done in March!

3 thoughts on “Goodbye February

  1. i know i’m late but oh well:| i can’t wait to go on a ride with you! i was thinking of just trying to bike to your place, so i don’t have to mess with the car…but i’m not sure i’d have the energy to make the ride back! 🙂

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