Short & Sweet

I have a few things on the needles this week for WIP Wednesday.  However they aren’t too much different than last week.  I’m still working on my Magic Ball Shawl which I’ve actually been working on a lot this past week.  However, you all probably know how it is with that last bit of the shawl.  There are so many stitches on the needles at this point that even though I keep working on it, it feels like no progress has been made.  So I could take a new picture to share with you, but it’s going to look just like last weeks picture.

I’ve also been continuing on with my preemie hats this week.  I think I’ve gotten 3 or 4 knit up.  I’ll be continuing to work on those.  I haven’t touched my Copy Cat Socks at all.  Partially because I’ve wanted to concentrate on hats, partially because I have the wrong amount of stitches and I don’t know why.  Which means I have to frog back to before the heel.  It’s a bit different with these socks since there is no heel flap, it’s more like a bit of origami really.

I really wanted to share a swatch today.  A swatch for the Lettuce Pullover by Hannah Fettig, but I don’t have one done to share.  In fact I don’t have one started.  But I need to get on it and soon. Heather of A Tangled Yarn and I are doing a KAL for this sweater so I need to get on the ball with this. I would do it today and post a little later but I have a horrid migraine. Hopefully I’ll have alot more to share next week.


5 thoughts on “Short & Sweet

  1. Good luck with the shawl, project loose their fun sometimes when it feels like you’re not making progress. I know, just yesterday I finished a ghan I’ve had in the works for 2 years! Pathetic I know; but it was good to finally get it done and give it to the person who had asked me to make it.
    Keep at it.
    Popped in from WIPW

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