I’ve Been Busy

Busy, busy all week.  Including my knitting, running around on post, and getting lost in Regensburg. But mostly getting my new yarn room together.  I have what was my office here in the apartment, but with the addition of a desk it is so much more than that now.  My old desk was this tiny little thing that was even missing a wheel on the bottom.  I decided I wanted to replace it and headed off to Ikea!  Oddly enough, the one I wanted and the one that would work best is the exact same thing my dear friend Heather of A Tangled Yarn has in her Yarn Room.  But it is pretty much perfect.  I put it all together the day I came home (hence the absence of a WIP Wednesday post).  I no longer have yarn tucked away in boxes here and there.  With them spread all over I have to go digging to really search my stash and it’s easy not to see how much I have.  Now it is all tucked in the cubbies yarn shop style.  The whole thing just looks so darn cute, I can’t stand it! So I may only have one Finished Object to share this Friday, but it’s quite a big one!


15 thoughts on “I’ve Been Busy

  1. Very nice! I know having my sewing/knitting room has made me feel a lot more creative, I have all of my yarn in a dresser in the fabric closet though. You MIGHT consider keeping the yarn in 2 gallon zip bags if there are wool moths there. I found one a few months ago and had to freeze some of my yarn for a while, then bag it all up.

    Did you stencil the flowers on the wall yourself? It’s a very nice area….sometimes I wish we had an IKEA!

  2. Oh yay! It’s beautiful.

    More inspiration for my own room, too. Sadly, the closest Ikea store is in Atlanta…nearly 100 miles away. Might be worth the drive if I can convince spouse of the necessity. 🙂

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