I Don’t Usually Do This….

……but I’m getting political.  Well, I’m really not going to get into politics, but anytime teaching comes up so does politics.  They are intertwined in all too many ways.  If you didn’t know this, I am a teacher.  And I stand for everything a tried and true teacher stands for.  I came across another blog today (Lessons from Teachers & Twits) that posted this video by Jon Stewart.  Jon is just plain funny, but really says the truth.  And he says it in a way anyone can understand and doesn’t use all kinds of political jargon.  So I felt that this was important enough to post.  Enjoy (or don’t – it’s just my view).

* Unfortunately the video won’t post so here’s the link to The Daily Show clip I wanted to share. *




One thought on “I Don’t Usually Do This….

  1. I saw the Jon Stewart clip a couple days ago…love him and his parents are teachers! And thanks! Like I needed another blog to read, but I bookmarked hers after reading 4 posts!

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