WIP Again

Most my attention this past week has been applied to my Magic Ball Shawl, but I can’t share a picture today.  Why you might ask? Because it’s done!!  It just needs to be blocked and I’m hoping I will be able to share it for FO Friday! Now that it’s done though I can actually give some attention to other things like my Noro Striped Scarf and Skew Socks!  I have to get back on track with my Skew Socks, which means doing a little bit of ripping back.  I want to take them with me to work on while I’m in Prague this weekend.  Yes of course, I’ll take alot of pictures!  My book for the week is Nicholas Sparks’ Last Song.  It’s one of the many books I picked up for free this past weekend at the High School Garage Sale!

I do have other fiber related WIP though!!!   I’m dyeing some Schachenmayr Nomotta Ecologico (yes it’s German yarn!) in the oven as I write.  I tried dyeing it naturally in the sun to avoid felting (since it’s made to felt) but it’s just not hot enough for that yet.  So oven it is. And so far I think I’ve avoided any felting.  I’ve been on a dyeing craze lately and would like to participate in the monthly DAL for the What A Kool Way to Dye group on Ravelry.  This months theme is “Let’s Get Marly” – overdyeing tweed or marled yarns.  Mine is a marled yarn (which I had to look up, by the way!).  The goal was a rusty orange but it looks a bit more red than I expected.

I also am participating in The Knit Girllls spin-along.  If you don’t know much about The Knit Girllls then check them out!  They are an excellent video podcast that you can either watch on their website or subscribe to in iTunes. And they sure are a hoot! Anyway, Tempted Yarns did a surprise dye job on the roving and everyone had to order from her Etsy shop.  So everyone is spinning the same fiber, which is pretty awesome! I’ve done a bit of pre-drafting on mine and just started spinning yesterday.  There is also a KAL portion to the spin-along (but anyone can join!).  We have a choice of 7 patterns with a variety of weights and yardage.  I think I’m going to make the Albina Armwarmers with mine since I’m afraid I won’t have enough yardage for a shawl.  We’ll see.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

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14 thoughts on “WIP Again

  1. I thought it was a pan of pasta! You are certainly very busy. I have been trying to learn to spin with a drop spindle–I still need a lot of practice. It isn’t as easy as it looks so to see your work is impressive.

  2. Ha! I’m SO glad that’s yarn. I thought it was some kind of ground meat. 🙂 Can’t wait to see your shawl, and am totally jealous of your beautiful spinning. I’ve really got to get it together and learn how to do that…

  3. It looks great (the scarf!). Can’t wait to see the whole thing. It will be fun to compare how our colors matched up.

    The yarn looks like spaghetti. Before I read the post, I totally thought it was your dinner. LOL

  4. You are clearly attempting to guilt me into picking up my spindle again! Ok, rant over…it’s not like I don’t see it sitting forlornly in the corner with some roving hanging off of it every time I go in the laundry room!

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