Field Trip!

So recently I joined a knitting group on our military post.  It was actually a “Learn how to Knit” class that continued on as a little group of friends.  This group is where I learned how to knit continentally. Since the first class some people have joined and some have left.  As far as I’m considered we not have “official” members, but we of course welcome anyone in the community to join us (with or without knitting knowledge!).   Well, 2 of the members have birthdays around now.  One just had one…..and one has one coming up.  So my friend (of A Tangled Yarn) and I decided we would take these two girls on a field trip to Rohrspatz and Wollmeise.  We explained what Wollmeise yarn was to the girls, said you HAD to go while we are in Germany and off we went!

Now this was my second time going, but first time NOT during their sale.  Which means I had never seen the store so open, and comfy!  It was very nice.  I really, really enjoyed being there once again.  I had a goal of only one skein of Lace-Garn but that didn’t work out well.  I ended up with 3 skeins of Lace-Garn, the colors Mitternacht, Magnolie, and Die Auster, and one skein of Sockwolle in Pitahaya (which I just adore!!).  The other girls were also in heaven!  They walked away with a few skeins of Sockwolle each!

Above is a picture one of the girls took at lunch.  We then walked around the cute town of Pfaffenhof for a bit.  There were alot of cute shops, clothing stores and little restaurants.  We sat down to lunch outside, al fresco style, and a cute little German restaurant.  Then we got some German ice-cream, which is pretty much amazing, before we left.  All in all it was pretty darn close to a perfect day.  If I could erase any part of it, it would definitely be the part where the waitress spilled two beers all over me, but every day can’t always be perfect can it?


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