Just My Luck

I have always seemed to be a very “lucky” person.  My parents used to say it as I was growing up.  I guessed they refused to believe that I just had skill as an eight year old playing card games!  Well I’ve noticed over the past year that I apparently still got it.  I’ve won a few blog giveaways, and this week…..you guessed it…..I won another one! I just recently (through the Knit & Crochet Blog Week) found a blog called A Playful Day, and I think it’s quite a great blog.  It’s quirky, fun and light.  It was worthy of being added to my feedreader.  Oh and did I mention she just started a podcast!  The author also seems to feature some fun Indy designers.  Well I won a pattern from one of them.

The designer is Asa Tricosa who has some amazing patterns.  We entered the giveaway by commenting with our favorite design.  And mine was definitely Atalanta which is a sideways knit shawl.  I love that it is a combination of a complicated lace border and a simple stockinnette center.  It’s just a gorgeous design, and I won it!  The picture below is one I stole from the pattern page, knit in Wollmeise.  I’m in love.  And I may have to buy this color to knit it up, so I can have a perfect clone.

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