Some Fiber Cuteness

That’s my darling Mifflin laying on my Noro Striped Scarf.  She was a sweetheart and I needed to get a picture, even if she was laying on my knitting.  She loves how soft this Knit Picks Chroma is.  Every now and then she will take to a certain yarn and every time I knit with it she’s on my lap.  At least I know what to buy now if I feel deprived of Mifflin time.

As you already saw, I’ve had the Noro Striped Scarf out alot this week.  I was babysitting a friends kids for 3 days while they took a much needed mini-vaca, so the scarf was an easy knit to work on as a quick here and there type project.  I actually ended up getting alot of it done and I think I’m about half-way, if not a bit more, through the scarf.  I finally picked my Lettuce Pullover back up.  It took a bit trying to figure out where I was because I can’t find my e-mail from Heather.  The explanation of the whole Lettuce Pullover problem is explained here on her blog A Tangled Yarn.  I had a print out that I kept my notes on so I had a print out a new, clean copy.  Also working on my Vanilla Sock and I have to say it’s knit up quite quick.  I think I’m going on a week and a half with 1 sock almost done.  That leads me to the book I’ve been reading.

I’ve been reading The Sock Knitter’s Workshop.  This is no professional “review” of the book, but lets just say I don’t love it.  I thought it would help me with the after thought sock heel I’m trying.  I’m using the Vanilla Sock pattern from The Knitmore Girls, but they don’t have the after thought heel as I thought it did. So I went to my book, which has different cuffs, heels, and toes.  It is a cool book, and I am using the star toe for this sock.  I thought it would be fun to try, which it is.  But I’m doing alot of the figuring myself from what it gave me.  The directions are not all too clear.  I did it wrong and have plans to go back and redo it. By seeing it now, I know what I did wrong…..the book didn’t clarify.  The book also didn’t help at figuring out the whole after thought heel. And it really didn’t help me figure out where I should start the toe since I can’t measure it like I usually would.  So I’m putting a heel in now, then I’ll be able to measure for the toe correctly.

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8 thoughts on “Some Fiber Cuteness

  1. check out the knitgirllls afterthought tutorial, they put it out on march 22nd. i haven’t watched it yet, but i’m sure it will give you all the information you need:) it is only a 14 min video.

  2. Afterthought heels aren’t really hard. They are just a toe stuck where the heel goes. The Knitgirllls tutorial is very helpful. Once you do one pair of socks with afterthought heels you’ll want to do more.

    • Yes, I have been actually using their tutorial. However, I was really searching for measurements and where to start my toe.

  3. Aww, such cute pics of your kitty with the scarf. One of my cats also LOVED the Chroma while I knitted and follows me around when I have the scarf with me.

  4. Your yarn looks lovely and your cat is just adorable. I saw you guys are stationed in Germany and I got a little homesick looking at the pictures…

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