For The Babies

You all know that I’ve been working on a big preemie hat project.   These hats are what I (and you) could do for the future preemies out there.  Maybe give the babies that extra little warmth and love they need.  Maybe give the parents something to know other people are out there thinking about them.  Maybe even give them something to remember them by.  I discovered today, that I can do more.  And I did.

I read a blog called I Should Be Folding Laundry.  Many of you may know of it, because she hosts You Capture every week.  It’s a blog I actually used to read, but I’ve changed feed readers, so I wasn’t currently reading.  Until A Playful Day mentioned her in the most recent episode of her podcast.  So I went and added I Should Be Folding Laundry.  And, well, my new feedreader Net Newswire Lite does this cool thing where it also brings up the last month of posts to read.  So I went to the bottom of the list.  I’m a chronological girl like that.  And I read a heart-wrenching story.  About Beth, the author, losing her two boys James and Jake.   Beth decided that since she can’t do many motherly responsibilities for them, she can march for them.  Now this post is a bit late, but the march for The March of Dimes is 2 days away.  Which means they are still taking donations.  And Team James & Jake need $2,250 to reach their goal still!  So I’m hoping that some of you might be willing to donate to the cause!  And, if you don’t want to donate cash, then go check out the Beth’s shop, June Afternoons, created to fundraise for the march.  Till the end of May (so a whole month longer!!)  you can purchase prints from the shop and the proceeds will also go to the March of Dimes.  Please do what you can!  I donated money to the walk, and plan to purchase a print.

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