How I Adore Swaps

Is there anything really, that picks up your mood quite like some surprise yarn arriving in the mail?  I think not.  I recently participated in a small, low key swap on The Blog Hub group.  The point of the swap was to de-stash something.  No purchasing new yarn!  Your pick could be for any reason, whether it was something you’ve had forever, something you hate, something left-over from a big project, or even something you love and wanted to share the wealth!  I personally think that my swap partner did the latter.  If she didn’t, well she’s lucky (and crazy!!), because I’m in love!

My partner’s Ravelry name is CLPetty and she’s the author of the blog Socks, Sox & Talks  (*psstt* you should go check it out!)  She sent me some sock yarn (surprised?!).  And boy do I love it!!  The color is called Tobacco Barn from Yarn Daze.  And she said that it reminds her of all the barns in Southern Indiana where she lives.  I live in Germany.  And I miss barns.  I mean the type of farms and barns you see all over in the states.  Things sure are different here.  So it’s really quite a perfect yarn for me. Oh, did I mention the squish factor??  It has a big squish factor!!! What shall it become?  Well socks of course!  I think anyway.  I’ve been trying to convert my sock yarn stash from all variegated yarn to some solids and tonals for more intricate sock work.   And I have a few possibilities in mind. Possibilites are:  Nebula by Cookie A.  Rivercat Sock by Brenda Patipa.  & Alpen Socken by Judy Alexander.  So, help me decide!

4 thoughts on “How I Adore Swaps

  1. I’m really, really glad that you liked what I sent you. I am both lucky and crazy but I did send it because I wanted to “share the wealth” as you say. I thought you might like this lovely yarn! It was especially hand-dyed for my favorite yarn shop Atkinson Farm Yarns (

    I can’t wait to see what you knit with it!


    Cindy aka Socks, Sox, and Talks!

  2. You lucked out in having Cindy has a Swap Partner. She is the sweetest thing! And Yarn Daze is to die for. I have two skeins that will become something lacy and shawly eventually. Their Worsted Weight yarn is scrumptious!

  3. I’ve *finally* had a moment to look up the patterns you’re pondering over. Oh my, what a choice, they’re all beautiful!
    I’d personally go for the Cookie A pattern, but thats because I love her designs 🙂
    Have fun doing whichever socks you choose!

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