Preemie Project

I haven’t talked too much about the project put together, except for the original post.  It’s been quite a while since then, but I thought I would bring you all up to speed.  If you don’t really know what I’m talking about, my Sister in law lost her twin girls last year who were born at 26 weeks gestation.  I wanted to do something in the girls honor, and charity knitting came to thought.  Then I roped in a bunch of volunteers from Ravelry to help, and I now have over 100 hats to send into the hospital the girls were born at!  The original plan was to get the hats to the hospital by May 17th, my Sister in law’s birthday, but that has changed.  And for a good reason.

AFN, or Armed Forces Network, wants to do an interview.   This is thanks to my husband who contacted them, told them all about me and the project, and told them how proud he is of me.  So the interview was originally planned for a date in May (I don’t remember exactly when) then it was post-phoned.  I have to say it’s probably a good thing it was because thats the day my morning sickness appeared.  So, we are scheduled for today.  I’ll be meeting with Sgt. Brown today, along with my husband, at the Cafe on post.  Is it safe to say I’m nervous??  I’m more than nervous!  First I want to be sure I get all the facts straight.  Second I need to remember to give the girls from Ravelry credit for helping me.  Third, I’m worried about how I’m going to feel, because as you probably know I’m still not really feeling up to par with this whole “morning” sickness.   And I use the word “morning” very loosely.  Fourth, I’m really going to try not to cry while talking about the memory of the girls.  A few tears wouldn’t be a horrible thing, but being pregnant I don’t usually just have a few tears!!

So everyone wish me luck!  The interview should not only be airing on AFN, but it’s also going to be posted on their website.  So I should be able to share with everyone!


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