Not Much to Show

As you know, I haven’t had any knitting mojo.  This has of course, led to a lack of stuff to blog about.  But this week, I’ve really been trying to get my spinning finished. I want to bring my spindle with me to the states when I go next week, so I would prefer to finish up the fiber first.  The fiber is the Knit Girls Fiber dyed by Tempted Fibers.  I just have a little bit left, then I will be ready to ply and knit.

On the reading front, it’s pretty much all pregnancy stuff.  I’m in my 9th week which means the baby is about an inch long – the size of a grape.  I still like calling him/her my little jelly bean though!  The heart has finished separating into four chambers and now is starting to form valves.  Teeth are developing, as are many other parts of the body.

I’ve also been reading Susannah’s Garden on the Kindle.  It seems like a good book and I’m half way through.  But I’m confused and maybe someone can clear something up for me.  Everything I can find lists this book as the 3rd in the Blossom Street Knitting Series.  But I don’t quite get the connection.  None of the characters are the same.  It’s not the same setting as the others.  Knitting hasn’t even been mentioned.  So I’m really not getting the connection, and I would think that by half-way through the book I would see it.  Anyone else read the series that can shed some light?

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11 thoughts on “Not Much to Show

  1. the stack of books with a yarn something on the top and bottom….is there an additional meme for that? lol, wondering cause I’ve seen it several times this am, as I’m making my blog rounds. Clueless on the spinning, but the yarn you’ve got going there looks very interesting, great color

  2. Can’t help you on the book, but your spinning is looking terrific! And yay on the baby! The way they grow is downright miraculous — especially in the first few weeks. Hope you have an amazing trip!

  3. It’s actually part of the Blossom Street series in that Susannah’s Flower shop is located next to A Good Yarn. But I’ve never read the book; just the others in the series.

    Susannah does eventually learn how to knit, I believe in the book “Back on Blossom Street”.

  4. Oh, I also consumed quite a big amount of pregnancy books. In the last pregnancy months I red “The big book of Birth” and I’d totally recommend that one. It helped SO much.
    Best to you and congratulations once again!

  5. I tried to post the other day to congratulate you, but it wouldn’t let me 😦 Don’t read *too* much ahead and freak yourself out 😉 I hope the sickness goes so you can really enjoy your pregnancy 🙂

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