I’m Ba-ack!

Don’t you think that word, when used to describe an enthusiastic return, should always be two syllables?  Although, my return to Germany hasn’t been all too enthusiastic yet.  We got in yesterday, with not too much flying issues.  I do however have a HUGE problem with Delta service now, but that is beyond the point.  The flight we were supposed to be on was delayed coming in, so it put us almost three hours behind and would have missed our connecting flight in Atlanta to Germany.  So Delta transferred us to a United flight to Boston, and we caught a different flight to Germany.  Of course I get pretty close to being sick on the plane, but I didn’t.  I just waited till I was home apparently.  Been horrible sick since I’ve been here, which made me think I was literally allergic to Germany.  Which actually makes sense seeing how horrid my allergies have been since I’ve been back.  But…..I’m now chalking it all up to Jet-lag.  And lack of food in the house.  I stocked up today, then came home and took a 3 hour nap.  And I feel 20Xs better.  Which I’m proud to annouce, because I was really worried that something in Germany, or in my house or environment really was making my morning sickness worse.  I now really don’t think that’s the case.  So hopefully I’ll be over this jet-lag in a few days, and be a much happier pregnant woman!

Now onto the trip.  There really is so much to tell that I’m not even going to try in one post.  Both the hubs and I had a grand ole’ time and were so happy to see our friends and family.  It was also very nice to take a trip together for once.  You may, or may not know that the main purpose of the trip was for a wedding.  Rob’s younger sister to be exact, and boy was it just a gorgeous and perfect event.  The place sure helped.  It was at a house (the one the family stayed at) in Tijeras, New Mexico.  I could seriously live there forever.  I really didn’t need to leave.  I’m sure you can see why.


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