Even Stepvhens

My husband and I caught one of our favorite actors guesting on one of our favorite TV shows last night.  Steve Carell was on The Daily Show with John Stewart yesterday (the day before for anyone that actually sees it on time).  Well, when watching my husband and I discovered that Steve Carell actually used to be a correspondent on the show.  We were so sorry we didn’t watch The Daily Show back then. So naturally I had to check this out.  The wonders of Youtube right?! If you are a fan of the show, you probably also know that Stephen Colbert also used to be a Daily Show correspondent.   Well, we were very happy to discover they were correspondents at the same time!!  They had their own segment called Even Stepvhen and it is just plain hilarious!!  I swear, I almost peed my pants a few times!  The joys of pregnancy.  It was a wonderful find, but I must say that it is pretty surprising how many news segments from 10 years ago are still so relevant.  I’ll share.

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