Maybe I Shouldn’t Jinx It

But I feel better.

I feel more like myself.  How do I know?

  • I get up and think about cleaning. Sometimes that thinking gets put into action.
  • I went to the gym, and plan to keep going next week.
  • I’m cooking dinner.  And continually wanting to cook/bake things that I sometimes get around to.
  • I’m reading all the blogs I have been behind on, which in turn, makes me want to blog.
  • I’ve been thinking about what I want to cast on for a new project.  Haven’t actually done so, but I’m thinking about it.  Which is a start.
  • I’m doing alot more outside the house, socially.

Now as much as I’d like to pretend that means I feel like I did before I was pregnant, that sure isn’t the case.  I feel more and more pregnant everyday.  Which I suppose is to be expected.  I’m just glad the worst (hopefully) is over.  I still gag sometimes from my allergies and have to run to a toilet.  My tummy is getting bigger and bigger everyday and I haven’t quite figured out what to do with it yet.  Every position I sit or sleep in seems uncomfortable, and that is just going to get worse with my growing belly bump.  The baby seems to be popping out of my pelvis so I’ve been living in my husbands pants and dresses to avoid having anything around that part of my body.  I seem to have indigestion like clockwork.  Kicks in every night at the same time no matter what was on the menu.  Yes, I feel pregnant.  More and More everyday.  And truth be told.  I love it.  I really really love (almost) every minute of it now.  And I’m so happy to say that.  There were times when I was so sick I HATED it.  I never wanted to go through it again and thought I was crazy for doing so.  I’m so glad those negative feelings have passed.  I want to enjoy my pregnancy like so many others.

10 Weeks Along (5 whole weeks ago!)

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