Mondays.  Most people hate them, right?  And granted they aren’t always easy to get through, I quite like them.  I wouldn’t say they are my favorite day of the week, but I typically don’t have a big problem with Mondays.

Maybe it’s because I don’t work.  I don’t have to get up and get on my way somewhere.  I no longer have school, so I don’t have assignments due on Mondays.  The commissary is closed, which typically means I put off going on post till a day I can stop at the commissary.  I get my house back to myself and get to clean the mess my husband and I (mostly him) seem to make every weekend.

So today has been one of those days.  Those relaxing Mondays.  I woke up with a pep in my step.  I got a bit of cleaning done in the house.  I had one of my favorite meals for lunch (taco salad!).  I did a bit of blog reading.

And then I got to knitting in a nice, slightly lit room.  My new favorite Yankee Candle was burning…Orange Creamsicle.  Just yum is the only way to describe that.  Watching The Knit Girllls Videocast all the while….catching up.  About 2 months behind!  And I finished something.  You really did hear that right.  Something I just started yesterday!!!  Okay, okay, I’m not that awesome.  It was just a washcloth.  And really just a practice to see if I like the feel of the yarn before I order some in more lively colors.  I want to use the washcloths to bathe the baby.  So naturally I don’t want to use the scratchy cotton someone might use for washing their dishes.  And it turned out wonderful!  I’ll be ordering a few other colors from KnitPicks today of their Simply Cotton Worsted.


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