Knitting & Books

I can’t get enough of reading lately.  I’m not sure why, but I’m a book fiend!  And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!  But I thought it was only appropriate to be sure and join the Yarn Along today as well as WIP Wednesday.  So let’s start off with the books, shall we?

First we have Maus I: My Father Bleeds History & Maus II: And Here My Troubles Began.  If you are interested in Holocaust stories at all, or have kids who are, then I highly HIGHLY suggest these books.  They go about telling the story in a completely different way than a typical book.  You can’t exactly tell in this picture but they are Graphic Novels.  Basically, it’s like reading a comic strip that goes on and on and on.  Except it’s not exactly funny, but I can say that not all the comics in my Sunday paper were funny.  These are great books to study in classes because of the history and also the symbolism.  That’s actually how I originally heard about the books.  A local college required them for their WWII history class and for years I’ve been meaning to check them out.  I found them at the library the other day and my husband has started reading them also.  If you have a child who isn’t into reading, I definitely suggest you have them check these out.  Did I mention they are a true story (minus the mouse part)?

Next we have So That’s What They’re For, a breastfeeding guide. I’ve been trying to read up on the subject since I have no idea if I’m going to have the energy to read about it later on in my pregnancy.  Plus, as much as I can read on the subject the better. I’m going to continue reading the book because it seems to have some good information.  But, I don’t quite agree with the views of the author.  She basically writes about how evil using formula for your child is.  Now I agree that breast milk is best in most cases and you should do what you can to try to breastfeed.  But two of my dear friends who have recently had babies both tried and tried and did everything they could.  But breastfeeding didn’t work out, and the best thing for their child was to switch over to formula.  So, I’m going to take it with a grain of salt and look for the good information.  I have a few books in transfer at the library.  But if you have any suggestions for good resources, please let me know!

Next up is a book I just picked up and started yesterday.  You can’t really see the book in the picture, since my gorgeous knitting is hiding it.  The title is The Reading Promise: My Father and the Books We Shared.  The book is a memoir of a recent college graduate, and her story with her father.  When she was young they started a pact: to read every night to each other for 100 days straight.  Well, they ended up continuing this streak till she left for college.  I love reading, and grew up with an importance placed on reading in my family.  So this book caught my eye.  And with the baby coming, I’ve been thinking about what kind of books to get to read aloud.

Onto my knitting.  Above is the Brandywine Shawl I started months ago.  I picked it back up.  You know what that means?  That means my mojo is back!!  I’ve knit a few repeats of Chart B in the past few days.  I have of course also been working on my Hemlock Ring Blanket.  The future baby blanket.  I picked up the yarn in New Mexico, and for the life of me, I wish I could remember the shop I picked it up at.  The yarn is Single Ply Rayon Slub, by Interlacements.  My MIL and I decided to buy it and split it since we didn’t need 1400 yards each.  So, I believe I promised you a picture of it?

My Hemlock Ring: hard to take a picture


19 thoughts on “Knitting & Books

  1. I have a Hemlock ring on the go too, it is a pain to photograph but I kind of see it as a benefit, there should be a bit of a wow moment when it is finally off the needles and properly spread out for the first time. Looking forward to seeing more of yours

  2. You’ve definitely got a color thang goin’ on – lovely, I do like the candy colors of your hemlock; as far as breastfeeding goes, see if you can find a BF counsellor, quite often your midwife will know someone from La Leche or similar
    I only managed it for 3 months each with my children, but I’m glad I could do even that.

  3. I love the sound of “The Reading Promise”. When I was in primary school, there was a teacher who read chapter book aloud through the lunch hour . We used to race to school so that we wouldn’t miss anything!

    It is hard to photograph Hemlock ring until it’s finished, but I’m sure you find yourself spreading out the stitches and yearning to see the pattern spread out. Such pretty colours!

  4. Glad your mojo is back! The projects look good!

    Maus..I have heard of it, but not read it…going to library tonight so I’ll check for it…I read lots of Holocaust stories….

    The Reading Promise sounds really interesting, maybe I’ll check that one out too….

  5. Both projects looking good!

    I’ve done a lot of reading lately also. A Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin came out this month so I motored through that and finished it in time for yesterday, when Ghost Story by Jim Butcher came out. Over halfway through it now. 🙂

  6. I love when I get on reading kicks! Sounds like you have a great list of books there. Both projects look great, and very smart of you and your MiL to split the skein!

  7. Your projects are beautiful. I love the colors of your Hemlock ring blanket. It will be perfect for a little one. The Reading Promise looks like an interesting read. NPR did a wonderful interview with the author and her father that was very touching. One of my fondest childhood memories was the weekly trips to the library with my father. I credit him for my love of reading.

  8. First of all reading is great! I love books! The graphic novels sound really good, I read lots of books about the holocaust and WWII in general, so think I’ll really like these! I also really love you baby blanket, the yarn looks lovely!

  9. Like your choices of books and I do agree with you about breastfeeding. I had a friend that has inverted nipples and she just couldn’t cope with breastfeeding. I told her if she couldn’t she couldn’t and not to beat herself up about it. I breastfed both of mine and loved it. Not everyone is cuto out for it.

    I like the yarn you are using on your project, it’s very pretty. Can’t wait to see the finished project.

  10. I’ve never done a hemlock ring but that is lovely! Someone gave us a blanket similar to that for my daughter when she was born and it is her favourite thing in the world. You are smart to make your own blanket for baby – if it becomes a favourite, you can always make another! I did that for my son and when he started daycare, I made a second blanket so he has “his” blanket in two places and we don’t have to worry about it getting lost.

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