Big Wednesday

So I’m actually writing this post Tuesday night.  I know, surprise!  I can write a post early, rather than late!   But I just won’t have time tomorrow.  I hate to make anyone jealous  *maybe I bask in the thought*  but I will be making a road trip with a dear friend of mine from A Tangled Yarn to Wollmeise for their second annual not so perfect sale!  I may splurge a little bit while there, but I have set myself a budget and I have sworn that this is my last yarn purchase for pretty much the remainder of 2011.

My WIP Wednesday post consists of a big announcement, and my big WIP……my jellybean.  The little baby in my tummy!  I wasn’t able to post last week because of the ultrasound, but now I can share!!

We saw just about everything there is to see on baby!  Everything…..but the gender!  We want a surprise at birth.  We saw the baby’s stomach, the 4 chambers of the heart, the aortic artery, the sinuses, the ribs, spine, leg, foot, hand, and even the two hemispheres of the brain.  I cannot express how lucky I am to be spending part of my pregnancy here  in Germany and get to experience the joy the technology of an ultrasound provides every single month.    That leads me to another announcement.

We’re moving!!!!  Yes, we are finally leaving Germany.  Don’t get me wrong, I love it here….but I’ll save the sentimental post for right before I leave.  The paperwork took about a month, month and a half to process, but finally everything was approved!  We will be leaving by Nov. 9th but possibly sometime in October for a little R&R between here and the new post.  We are of course still waiting on the orders to be cut, assigning my husband to a unit and giving us a report date.  We are….moving to Fort Riley, Kansas.  Kansas.  Yes, it is a bit in the middle of nowhere. But once you live here there is such a difference between really being in the middle of nowhere and being far away from family but still having restaurants, grocery stores, and places to shop or socialize (American things that I miss!) right around.  So I will be happy.  Very, very happy to live in the states again.  And to deliver my little bean in an American hospital.  It’s a relief, really a big relief.



12 thoughts on “Big Wednesday

  1. Don’t you know the Wollmeise rule? It clearly states that any and all wool made by wollmeise is exempt from yarn budgets. Honest. You should check it out. 😉

    Exciting news about the move! I’m right next door in Colorado, and really we love visiting Kansas. I’ve never met nicer people in my life. Hope it’s smooth sailing for you guys!

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