Oh baby!

WIP Wednesday is here, and I’m not forgetting Yarn Along this week either, like I did last time.  I have to admit I’m kind of forcing myself to blog.  I actually have things to blog about, but I have apparently been bitten by the anti-blogging bug this week.    After this post, I’ll still owe everyone a post about the Wollmeise sale, that was pretty awesome by the way.

Mifflin posed nicely.  I’m sure the words running through her head weren’t so nice.

I’m going to start with the book I’m reading.  And it’s all A Tangled Yarn‘s fault.  Or I guess I should say I should thank her.  Being here in Germany we aren’t always up-to-date on the newest media.  Including books…..and movies.  I started reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  I had seen the book cover a few times (mainly when I was in airports traveling home) but didn’t know anything about the book.  I definitely had no idea it was being turned into a movie, let alone just released now.  I’m half-way through and I absolutley love it.  In fact all I want to do is read now, so I can go see the movie.  Then again, I’m afraid to see the movie.  Every book I read that’s a movie too, I always have to see.  But it is never as good.  I’m sure I am not the only one who shares this sentiment?  So tell me why we are always drawn to them? Although I do love the actress Emma Stone.   How much of a difference can a good actor or actress make?

I also have a baby sweater I’ve been working non-stop on.  I think I pretty much have most of my knitting mojo back!  Hurrah!  Knowing we were going to Wollmeise got me in the Wollmeise mood.  I just had to find something to make with my Wollmeise BOB colorway.  It’s just the perfect color for a neutral baby knit!  Finally I decided on the pattern Offset Wrapland.  Since I’m using fingering weight, I found that my gauge was just a bit small, so I decided to just knit the next size up.  Right now I only have 1 sleeve, the button-band and collar left.  It’s named Take Home Sweater in my projects on Ravelry, but I’m rethinking the idea of the baby wearing it home.  We’ll see about that.  I think I have alot of time to think about it!

All my WIPs concern baby at the moment.  The one that has grown the most?  The baby itself!  Which means Momma is growing too!  Look at the size of that belly!  And I’m almost half way through!  Does that mean I’m going to be twice the size by the end?!


18 thoughts on “Oh baby!

  1. I’ve seen that book crop up a few times in today’s yarn along – may have to check it out myself 😉 Although I’m usually compelled to watch films of books, just to see what they’ve done, I’m pretty much always disappointed. Now, if I have really loved the book, I do my very best to resist going to see the film! Love the colours in your baby sweater, so cheery and much more fun than the usual pastels 😉

  2. I’ve also noticed several yarn-alongers reading The Help. I read it a while back. Beautiful baby sweater — the colors are so bright and lively.

  3. Oooo the Woolmeise sale. I think Heather over at A Tangled Yarn had some of that jump into her basket for me. Can’t wait to see what she picked for me.

    That’s a nice baby bump ya got there!

  4. Wow your looking fantastic! I loved the Help, hope you really enjoy it! Glad you got your knitting mojo back too, very cute sweater!

  5. Vicariously cosigning everything said about the book. I heard the same sentiments expressed over here in the US. Will pick it up tomorrow since my co-worker’s taking too long to bring it for me to read. 😀

    The baby WIP is progressing beautifully and I’m glad your knitting mojo’s back.

  6. I’ve been wanting to read the book and see the movie. There are a few movies about as good as the book. Fried Green Tomatoes comes to mind.

    Love your cat, Muffin.

  7. Aah pregnancy belly, the best WIP ever.

    Enjoy the book, can’t wait to read what you think of it.

    Your baby WIP is beautiful and I am sure your bump will be proud to wear it home.

  8. Congratulations!
    I must say, the expression of your cat ion the first photo is hilarious :o)

    I’m not a big fan of books mad einto movies so I alwasy read a book first and sometime watch the movie if nothing else is one. I love Emma Stone btw!

  9. Hello!

    The Help is definitely the popular book of choice this week. I just finished it up and, like you, am afraid the movie won’t be as good (but darn, I have to see it anyway!).

    I love the colors in your baby sweater! It’s very bright and fun. And Mifflin is adorable 😉

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