Back At It

I have a few projects I’ve worked on this past week.  Two will be featured on Friday.  Because….well, they are finished!!!  So I’ll save those for later.  I’ve brought back my old Vanilla Socks I was working on a few months ago.  I sure do have alot of unfinished WIPs from before I got sick.  I’m just starting to pull them out one at a time to finish.  I can’t seem to just work on them though, because I seem to lose my knitting mojo.  It’s still all weird from the pregnancy.  They are the socks made out of Zauberball Crazy which I love, and it’s also my first attempt at the afterthought heel.  I must say I like how easy they are, but I don’t know if I like the fit.  I might have to try a 60/40 heel instead of 50/50.  Maybe that will work.

I’m also back at knitting preemie hats.  Not another big project or anything this time though.  I’m part of the Due In January 2012 group on Ravelry.  Well one of the members has a friend who just had a baby boy at 28 weeks gestation.  That’s only 2 weeks older than my little angel nieces so I wanted to do something.  I asked and some of the members are going to try to get a hat or two made and in the mail by Sept. 12 so this little boy and mother can benefit from the love and comfort of the hats.  As I understand it, the mother is also a knitter but has been too sick and now of course recovering from the C-section that she hasn’t been able to knit anything.  Her friend said that some hand knits would be so appreciated by her.  Right now I’m just making a simple rib hat with the black yarn.  It’s a bit big though, so I think I’m going to try to make something a bit smaller too.  At the very least I want to get two hats sent off.

On the reading front, not much has changed.  I plowed through the last book, and now it seems that I’m a snail.  Even with a really, really good book.  I’m STILL reading The Help.  Yes, I’ve been reading it for maybe a whole month, or more now.  But according to my Kindle I’m 87% of the way through so I should finally finish tonight or tomorrow.  I have to say this book is excellent.  It definitely shows how people’s ethics and morals were challenged in the time frame.  So many changes were happening that weren’t necessarily “safe” to support.  There’s many points where I feel bad for the narrators (all three different perspectives) but there are also times I just want to yell at them.  Then I have to sit and think about how different things were then.  Kathryn Stockett has a great writing style too, and I will be looking up other books by her.

If you want to read more WIP Wednesday posts head on over to Tami’s Ami’s and Other Creations.  If you are more interested in the knitting and reading then take a gander at Small Things blog.

Oh, I also have this in the oven.  Be jealous, and wish you could smell it!  Applesauce bread by Paula Deen.



4 thoughts on “Back At It

  1. Hey I really enjoyed your blog today. I am starting to blog myself and doing alot of the same things that you are doing. I am taking knitting classes at the local yarn studio. Turned out to be such a great time. Esp. that I am new at this country living life ( a city girl at heart). Hope you enjoyed your quick bread. I am off to read my new book. “Cutting for Stone”. Great Book if you didn’t read it, and then bake snickerdoodles. have a wonderful day.

  2. Meh, don’t worry about the snail’s pace at reading…so long as you’re enjoying it, it’s all good!

    I can smell the bread from here (or maybe I’m just hungry), and I am jealous.

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