Autumn Colors

I have two finished objects to share this week.  It so happens that the weather has completely changed, and it is definitely turning into Autumn outside.  Both my projects seem to fit the color pallet of this season; one of my favorites. So it seems like a very appropriate welcome to the warm coming cozy sweaters, hot apple cider, baked apple bread, holiday season.  My favorite part about the season?  Warm drinks: hot apple cider, chai tea and (once I return to the states) Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  I’ll be looking forward to having one of those from Starbucks, but in the meantime I will just keep knitting things that make the Fall season so welcome.

First one reminds me of the leaves changing colors in Upstate NY, where the colors are much brighter than here. It is baby’s Offset Wrapland and Swirl Hat.  Made with Wollmeise 80/20 in the colorway Bob.  I absolutely adore this set and I think it will be coming with me to the hospital.  The tiny buttons are just perfect and have a little elephant imprinted on them.  I just need to find a tiny needle which I’m sure I have around here somewhere, to sew the buttons on with.


Next up is a yarn you’ve seen before.  I hand-dyed it with a burnt orange in mind.  I specifically remember calling the result a warm Pumpkin Spice, but also wasn’t to sure about it.  I even did a poll to see what other people thought and if I should modify it more.  Well I’m sure glad I kept it the way it was, because I adore it.  I bought the Spiced Pumpkin candle yesterday.  I must say it’s a damn close match colorwise. And I actually made the pattern I intended for it, The Gap-tastic Cowl.  I’m very happy with the finished result, and it was such a quick knit!

Head on over to Tami’s Amis and Other Creations to check out more amazing FOs for FO FRIDAY!

13 thoughts on “Autumn Colors

  1. The colours in the baby set are amazing!

    Although I do love this season, as all the snuggly comfy things come out and the best coffee and tea comes out.

    Pumpkin spice is a good name, and well matched with the candle from the looks of your cowl 🙂

  2. Love, love, love that sweater set! And the Pumpkin Spice is perfect…so are you going to stock up on Wollmeise before you come home? It’s almost impossible to get here…

  3. I LOVE all things pumpkin, so your post struck a cord with me. I also love Chai tea…….
    Your baby set is wonderful, and the colours scrumptious. That swirl hat is just about the best pattern I’ve seen lately. Thanks for sharing!

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