I’ve cast on a whole bunch of new projects between now and my last WIP Wednesday post.  I believe that was two weeks ago.  I seem to be on a every other Wednesday schedule with these posts.  Anyway, I’ve been taking advantage of the overpowering knitting mojo I seem to have!  

The black scarf is an idea I’ve had in the back of my head for a while.  Abby from Knit Knit Cafe would call it “brewing”.  I bought that yarn 2 years ago, shortly after I arrived in Germany.  It is Chiara by On Line.  And it’s gorgeous.  My plan was a fancy, dress up type scarf.  I finally pulled it out last week and tried about 2 or 3 patterns I didn’t like.  And this yarn has a big halo, so it’s not easy to pull out.  Finally my Vogue Stitchionary Lace arrived and I found the perfect stitch.  I once again wasn’t sure, but decided I needed to see more than one repeat of the pattern.  Once I did I loved it.  I’m going to continue on.  I haven’t quite decided whether to block it or not when I’m done, but I suppose that’s a decision I don’t have to make quite yet.

Then I cast on for another project I’ve had sitting around for quite some time.  I bought the Modern Classics Christmas Stockings Kit (now discontinued) from KnitPicks before my first Christmas here.  Once Christmas passed, I decided I’d wait.  Then I waited too long for last Christmas.  Finally I thought that would be a good challenge for travel knitting.  When all my attention can be placed on it.  So I thought about setting it aside for when I fly home.  But it was too late.  I got it stuck in my head and figured there was no harm in starting now!  And who knows, maybe I’ll have 1 done by Christmas!  I’ve never really done colorwork before.  Nothing this hard anyway.  Just a hat with a star shape in the top of it.  Thats all.  I like this.  It’s therapeutic in a way.  And because I don’t have to wear it, it’s a good beginner colorwork project!  Then I don’t have to worry if the carries along the back are too tight.  But I must say, I’m very glad I now know how to knit English and Continental.  I think it makes working with two colors MUCH easier.

Finally, I gave in.  I gave into the pattern that seems to be going viral among the knitting world.  Seriously, if you don’t believe me look up the words “The Beekeeper’s Quilt” in Google.  You may be overwhelmed with results.  On Ravelry 1,523 people have it in their projects and 2,882 people have it in their queue.  Knitting these little hexipuffs are just so darn fun, and cute!  And simple.  Did I mention simple?  Did I mention I don’t have to buy yarn for it?  I just use all my scraps?  I can’t forget to mention though, that I do not plan on finishing it any time soon!  This is by far a very looonnng term project for me.

As far as reading goes, I picked up Rachel Ray’s The Big Orange Book from the library today.  I was thinking about finding some recipes that don’t revolve around meat.  Possibly some more healthy recipes.  But the picky eater I am, this may be hard.  I saw this book and remembered loving it.  I have it actually, but it’s one of those things that is among the boxes in my parents basement.  So I got it out to take another look.  So far, I’ve actually found a few things straight out of the vegetarian chapter that look good.  This surprises me! I’ll have to try one of them next week. Check out what others are knitting and reading over at Small Things.






5 thoughts on “Startitis?

  1. Great WIP’s. I love the lace pattern that you picked out for the scarf. Oh, the joys of hexipuffs! Easy and fun and travels well. What more can you ask for in a husband, umm, I mean project?

  2. I really love your socks that your making. I have done colorwork before and it is always fun to do just one more row to see the design. The yarn for the scarf looks lovely!

  3. I’m always jaw-droppingly impressed when someone whips out a stitch dictionary and makes themself a pattern. Go you! Can’t wait to see how it turns out. And, not to feed the obsession or anything, but I’m hosting a mini skein sock yarn swap for the Beekeeper’s Quilt at the beginning of next month, just in case you need more puff yarn. 🙂

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