Yep.  You heard the “ripp-it, ripp-it” my frogging made!  My lovely, challenging Modern Classics Christmas Stocking was ripped out.  What did I learn?  That I need to remember I’m a tight-knitter therefore I don’t always need to use the needle called for.  And that when you rip two colors out you end up with a mess!  But no worries.  It’s back to the point of progress it was at last week.  Just on a larger needle.  It wasn’t something that was so hard I wanted to give up on.  The tightness of it was just pissing me off.  I still love the challenge of colorwork and plan to add more to my queue now that I’m becoming confident that I can do it.  Not much else to share for the week.  In fact I didn’t even plan on blogging, but felt that I should be able to come up with something to blog about!!  Just no pictures to share either!

One thought on “Frogged

  1. I knitted much too tightly for the first year and some — I stripped the coating off my metal needles and actually broke the tip off one of my bamboo needles. I feel your pain!
    I sat myself down one night and just started knitting little squares, forcing myself to relax, trusting that things wouldn’t unravel or fall apart just because I didn’t pull each and every stitch as tightly as I could. :p

    Anyway, I’m envious that you’re doing colorwork like that. Someday I hope to be there but for the time being, I’m much too chicken.

    I hope the second time is the charm for your stocking! 🙂

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