More Frogging

At least I can say it’s a different project this time.  Have you ever started knitting something and absolutely loved it, then picked it back up a few months later and hated it?  Well you might remember me starting to knit the Hemlock Blanket with the hand-dyed rayon that came from New Mexico.  Love the pattern.  Love the colors.  Hate it together now.  Originally I loved it.  So I spent the better part of knitting night yesterday just ripping it out.  Has this ever happened to you?  I don’t know why I loved it, then all of a sudden I seemed to hate it.  I couldn’t even look at the project.  I just had to rip it out.  I’ll tell you I hesitated in posting a picture because I really don’t like looking at it that much.  I must admit though, it did have one purpose in it’s existence.  It really helped me get my knitting mojo back.  I guess that was it’s only purpose.


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