I’ve been pretty absent lately.  I would say I apologize, but I guess I don’t have to because it’s my blog and I’m in control of it.  But I do promise that within the next month or two I should get back to normal.  As long as I have an internet connection.  We’re in the process of moving from Germany back to the states.  The movers come today and tomorrow so I’ve been pretty busy getting everything prepared.  Then we’ll be spending some time traveling before we actually get to Fort Riley.  Once we get there I’m sure I’ll be busy trying to find a place to live, until housing opens up, and getting in with the doctors to make sure my baby is good and healthy.  So maybe 1-2 months might be a little hopeful.  But that’s what I’m sticking with because that’s what I’m hoping for I guess!!  I may still post some periodically.  Hope to actually.  But things will be a little more sporadic around here, and thought I owed you all an explanation!

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