New Year, New Life

Everything is new this year.  First, we starting off in a new house, new state, and technically a new country.  Back in the United States and boy does it feel great!!  What else is new…..oh yeah!  A BABY!!  My original due date for baby was January 11th, and it has been changed to January 6th (AKA TOMORROW).  Well, needless to say baby is still in my tummy and decided to stick it out till it’s due date.  And I sure never thought a person could be so impatient!  But I want this baby OUT!!  I want my baby Abs in my arms!  (explanation:  whether baby is a boy or girl initials are AB so Abs for short!)  Have I been watching NCIS too much?

Onto knitting, not much has been done.  I’ve still been knitting but it’s only a little bit here and there and definitely not enough progress on anything to share.  And for some reason I get the feeling baby is going to let this “little bit at a time”  trend continue.  I have found a local yarn shop though, and cannot wait to start attending their Knit Night!  Oh, and shameless bragging…..I got a swift for Christmas!  Yes, that means my husband found the yarn shop on his own and walked in without me dragging him!!  Amazing, I know!  My “Knit The Queue” page didn’t make much progress last year because of the pregnancy.  So I may revamp it, make it smaller, and try to do what I can this year.  So there’s my knitting goal!

Other goals?  Well I’m not doing any official New Years resolutions this year.  I have the baby to concentrate on, and I know I need to make sure to take time for myself too.  So I am going to try to go to Knit Night every week as soon as I feel ready to leave babes for 2 hours.  The great thing is that the hubs should get home before it starts so I don’t have to worry about how to get there and child care.  I’m also hoping to read like I did last year and I’m proud that I read more than 12 books in the year.  This year though, I’m making a lesser goal of 8 books to read, since I know I’ll have less time.  I also hope to get a teaching job in the fall.  That’s a big goal of mine this year, now that I’m back in the states and I have more opportunities.

Hope Everyone had a great holiday season and a Happy New Year!!

3 thoughts on “New Year, New Life

  1. Yeah…almost…almost… Mom’s birthday is the 6th…and we have the day off from school, as it is Three King’s Day….but whenever your babe decides to arrive…can’t wait…have missed you…

  2. If your knit night is anything like mine, they’ll be cross with you for not bringing the baby so they can all take turns holding him/her. Glad to hear you’re getting settled and hope your new babe is as impatient as you are. Soon!

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