Back In The Swing

Things are starting to get a little bit back to normal around here, with of course the addition of a new little human that has become part of my routine (and my heart!). My Mom has come and left, and let me tell you how big of a help that was! My husband’s paternity leave has ended. Most of our unpacking is done, and we are pretty much moved in. And I’m starting to heal up nicely from my surgery (but I still can’t wait to start working out – 4 more weeks!!)

I was going to say I haven’t had time to knit, but thats really not accurate. I really just haven’t got my knitting out since babe has been born. Any down time I’m really just trying to sit and relax. But I’m going to pull the knitting out soon, I swear! There are a few projects that I will surely be frogging since I never really got them done for baby. Example….my Baby Surprise Jacket. I think it’s about 1/4 done and by the time I finish it (even if it was next week) Miss Annabelle will have outgrown it! She’s not exactly tiny, and she never really was! Once I frog a few items, I’m going to cast on a nice white cardigan for the little girl. She has one and it’s starting to get small, but I absolutely love it. It’s a necessary item in her wardrobe because she has so many cute onsies that I want to see when she wears them, but they are too cold for her to wear without something keeping her arms warm! I can’t believe I’m talking about my daughters like she’s a little fashion model or something, but I’ve found that I think I will always need a white cardigan for her!

That’s about all I have to say on the knitting front. I’m just so preoccupied with caring for my little bundle of joy! I just hope she doesn’t grow too fast (although everyone has already warned me that she will!!) She has also become the hubs whole world! I don’t know how he’ll be able to deploy in a year. It breaks my heart for every Father and Mother who has to leave their kids. I’m starting to realize that it’s very different than leaving a spouse.

That’s all for the week, but I’ll leave you with some pictures of Miss Annabelle.

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