Be Amazed

By me. Yes, by me. Why? Not because I made some awesome project or achieved any greatness. But because I’m here. Posting. Posting on my blog today. I’ve needed to back into WIP Wednesday for a while, and I’m finally knitting again so I felt this week was the appropriate time. But then dear daughter decided she wasn’t going to sleep longer than an hour stretch last night. This is when I’ve been getting used to her sleeping 4-6 hours straight every night. So I was up all night with her. Oh and she would wake up crying, almost screaming. I lucked out because she really doesn’t cry. So I guess I’m getting a dose of reality today. And on top of that, I was in pain the whole night with horrid heartburn which I’m sure had a direct correlation to why she had a bad night too. So that fact that I’m still posting, and even awake to post is pretty much amazing.

Now onto knitting. It’s taken me almost half a week to pick a pattern, get the yarn and get a gauge swatch knit. But I suppose that is suspected with a newborn in the house! My daughter has a tiny little cardigan that was a hand-me-down to her, and it doesn’t really fit anymore. She has so many cute short-sleeved onsies though, that I decided I needed to make her a new white cardigan for everyday use.

I found this pattern; The Cabled Raglan Baby Sweater and it’s perfect. The only problem was that I couldn’t really stash dive to make a white sweater because all my white yarn was purchased for dyeing yarn. So I bought some yarn. I bought Caron Simply Soft. It looks really good knit up in the swatch.

I actually bought acrylic yarn. I never buy, or use acrylic, but it just felt like I had to buy acrylic. Maybe I feel like acrylic yarn is such a good option for this sweater because I know it won’t fit Annabelle very long. It’s cheap and if it’s only going to fit for a few weeks why waste money? And it’s going to get very dirty and be getting washed constantly. Did I mention I hate acrylic yarn? Yet for some reason I love this yarn. So far…..


Glad to join Tami’s Amis WIP Wednesday meme again! Go check out the other WIP Wednesday posts.


7 thoughts on “Be Amazed

  1. These days, acrylic yarns can be much nicer than they were back in the ’70’s when I started crocheting. Definitely a good choice for all the reasons you mentioned above–plus–if you’re gonna use white for a baby item, yeah, washable yarn is necessary!

  2. I am amazed that you are able to write a coherent sentence let alone a blog post! I remember how exhausting the first few months were after my son was born. Exhilarating, too. You picked a beautiful but practical pattern for the cardigan. It will go with everything and wear well. Hope that you are settling into your new place and welcome back to the States!

  3. Sometimes acrylic yarn really is the best yarn for the job, even if you’re not a fan 😉 I much prefer natural fibres, but there are times when I choose a blend to get more of an easy care garment!

  4. love the cardigan:) you’ll have to tell me how well the yarn washes. i was having a (with myself) debate over using acrylic vs. malabrigo for something, and in the end…i ordered malabrigo, with the intent of making the item, and then ripping and reknitting it into something else once it is no longer useful…i think i just wanted more malabrigo! 🙂

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