I’ll Finish This One

I started a post yesterday. I wrote about 2 sentences. I let housework distract me from finishing that post. I need to learn though, that housework never goes away, and if I always let it get the best of me I would never do anything for myself. So here I am ignoring me housework. In fact I’ve been ignoring it all day, and I plan to continue doing so. I have some other things that I’d like to get done that aren’t cleaning. Including my WIP Wednesday blog post! So I will finish this post.

I haven’t made too much progress on the little white cardigan I’m making for dear Miss Annabelle. But even a little progress is progress, and I need to be happy about that. I do have to get into some type of routine though, and adjust to this whole motherhood thing a bit better to fit some more knitting time into my day. If I keep knitting it at this rate I should modify the size for a 12 month old! Maybe coffee is the answer?

The nursery is also still a WIP. You think it’s something that should be done before the baby comes, right? Well, I’d like to know how many parents actually have it done by then. But don’t you forget we also got our household goods only 2 weeks before Miss Annabelle was born. And this 10 month pregnant woman was trying to unpack the house. So the nursery is still getting prepared, and it’s not like she is in it yet anyway, so what’s the harm, right? We bought the crib and changing table this past weekend and it’s in progress. But I can’t take the credit for that one. Putting those together is the hubs’ job! But it’s looking great! Can’t wait till it’s all done!




2 thoughts on “I’ll Finish This One

  1. Knit for half an hour then do one household chore, then knit for 25 minutes and do another chore, then knit for 20 minutes…..it’s a great way to mix it up, you’ll get some of what you want to do done, and get what needs to get done ….and by reducing the time you’ll not feel quilty….pretty soon your must list is done and you can have at it.

  2. Usually my knitting distracts me from housework, not the other way around! 😉 I’m sure the cardigan with be beautiful whenever you finish, and I just love your stitch markers.

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