Something to Talk About


I’ve finally got something to talk about! A few things actually! I have more than one WIP for WIP Wednesday. Well actually I always have more than one WIP, but I have two I’m actually working on! The rest are of course in hibernation as usual.

I have my Cabled Raglan Baby Sweater on the needles still. And it doesn’t look all too different than last week. But I promise you it is longer than it was by a few rows. I did start something new this week and it is another knit for little Miss Annabelle. I’m trying out a bootie pattern. As we all know booties don’t stay on babies very well, so I suppose I’m on the search to find what works for my little Miss. And hopefully I’ll only have to try once. The pattern is Baby’s Best Booties and I’m using some JoJoLand Rhythm which is a nice wool I picked up visiting family in good ole’ Noblesville Indiana. It’s some cute baby colors plied together with a gradual change in the color. I think they will turn out pretty cute.

The bootie pattern is the start of my Knit The Queue 2012. Don’t get my started on my attempt at Knit the Queue 2011, and in fact I should probably delete the page off my blog. Especially since I haven’t touched it in SO LONG. If you listen to Subway Knits you know about the QAL (Queue Along). I’m joining that, so I’m doing things a bit different than last year. The goal then was to basically knit off my queue all year long, but this time I’m just seeing what I can get done for the QAL which started on February 1st and ends April 30th. Anything I get done from my queue (which had to be added before Jan 31st) in that time is an entry into the contest. The more I get done, the more entries I get. Win, win right?!

I’m also joining back into the Yarn Along this week! I haven’t done virtually any reading since the baby has come. The moment I sit down to read a book is simultaneously the moment my eyes close and I go to sleep. Didn’t you know Mommy brain also causes instant sleep! But I took a trip to the library this week (have I mentioned that libraries are awesome and everyone should still utilize theirs!) and discovered that they have a wonderfully large knitting section. And it isn’t all twenty years old either! I checked out a few great books – Natural Nursery Knits by Erika Knight, Fiber Gathering by Joanne Seiff, and Closely Knit by my favorite designer, Hannah Fettig. I also had an epiphany….I might fall asleep if I try to read a book, but I can listen to books while I do work around the house! So I checked out The Choice by Nicholas Sparks and Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson. Maybe I’ll actually get some “reading” done this week!

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