4 Months Since

4 months since what you might ask? Since I’ve posted an FO for FO Friday. And it’s not that I have had FO’s and haven’t gotten around to posting them. That might sound a bit better, but no. It’s also been 4 months since I’ve finished a project. How sad is that?



In all fairness, I was finished knitting my Birthday Cowl around New Years. Then I found buttons when my mom was here. Now I finally got the buttons on it! And just in the nick of time…..we had 45 MPH winds yesterday. I was able to wear it yesterday when I went to Knit Night!

Yes, that’s right….I finally went to Knit Night at my local yarn shop Wildflower Knits. I needed to get out and I realized that I haven’t gone, even though I said I was going to go as soon as I was comfortable leaving the baby. So I did. And I had a great time, up until the owner had to call the fire department because of an “electrical smell”. It was interesting seeing the firemen walk around a yarn shop, that’s for sure. Like some women’s dream, actually!


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