It’s Missing Something

Todays Friday. That means FO Friday. Finished Object Friday. So I’m missing something. Hmm….I seem to missing an FO. I mean it’s not like I have one every Friday, that’s for darn sure, and I just had one last week so it should be no big deal. But this week was different. I was working on baby booties. Easy baby booties. So really, I should have had an FO. If not this week, than at least next week. But I frogged them. That’s right, they’re gone. I weighed one bootie, and the leftover yarn and guess what? I didn’t have enough to make the second one. And these booties are also part of my Knit The Queue so I do want to get them done. I would have loved to go stash diving for something else. But go figure….I really don’t buy DK weight yarn. So I picked up some RYC Cashsoft DK. This yarn feels amazing….57% extra fine merino, 33% acrylic microfibre, and 10% cashmere. And very affordable. So I’ll hopefully have these booties to share with you next week! And if not….maybe I’ll have a baby cardigan to share instead!


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