Finishing Touches

I’ve got to say the booties are pretty darn cute! And the pink ribbon was a perfect touch, plus I needed something to help them stay on! But they don’t. The bows come undone relatively easily. Not enough to scrap them, but enough to try a different pattern the next time. How cute are they though?! And I now have one entry done for the Subway Knits QAL.

Pattern: Baby’s Best Booties
Yarn: RYC Cashsoft DK




2 thoughts on “Finishing Touches

  1. would icord stay more firmly?? maybe the ribbon is too slippery…i made some booties (i haven’t tried them out yet…) but they feel like they will stay on…check them out on my proj. page, they are blue:)

  2. Ahh…too cute…booties, baby ….and baby’s chubby knees…waiting for a friend to have her little girl any day now…I made her eleven hats, cuz she wanted something cute to take pictures in…

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