A Conundrum

I actually have a few NEW projects on the needles this week! A bit of startitis I suppose. Subway Knits QAL has to be given most the credit for giving me the motivation. The rest of the motivation has come from the fact that they are presents and the weather is beautiful. Something about knowing they are for someone else makes want to continue on with a small project. And having the windows open and breathing the nice fresh air also makes want to knit more.

I’ve cast-on a dishcloth with some bright orange Peaches & Cream cotton. It’s a nice quick project that was originally queued March 10, 2010. Did you know when you start a project from your queue it actually tells you the date it was originally queued at the very bottom of the project page? I never knew that before I started the QAL. Very cool! This isn’t just any dishcloth, it’s The Answer to the Greatest Question dishcloth. You probably only understand that if you are a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan, which my husband is. Huge fan…read all the books. So basically that means it has the number 42 on it. I laughed when I looked at all the other project pages of the pattern because apprently I’m not as original as I thought. The pattern was made by someone whoo was a fan of some Nascar driver who was number 42. Well, every project has something to do with The Hitchhiker’s Guide.

Also new to the needles is an Argyle Golf Club Cover. This would be for my Dad. He picked the colors out around a year ago and I never touched it. So I went to cast it on this morning. Well, that’s where my conundrum came in…..I bought Knit Picks Palette yarn and the pattern calls for Malabrigo Worsted Weight yarn. If you know much about the yarn world, than you know these are two great yarns but one is a fingering weight and one is a worsted weight. Big difference. So what’s a girl to do? I checked the patterns to see if there was a golf club cover in fingering weight. Nope. Checked project notes to see if anyone had done it in fingering weight and that was a big no. So, although it will be hard with three different colors being used in the same round I’m trying doubling the yarn. I’ve done for worsted weight projects before but it will be a bit more complicated this time around. I would have just ditched the project, but golf season will be starting soon and I would love for my Dad to actually get some use out of it.

I’ve also got my Monkey Socks on the needles and still making progress. Check out other WIP Wednesday posts here. Oh and you must give me props because I typed this entire post with one hand because I have a baby sleeping in the other!!


3 thoughts on “A Conundrum

  1. that is too funny! i have the same golf club cover in my queue for a friend…i just did the whole doubling of yarn with 2 colors and once i got going it was ok (turn a square hat)…but dividing the balls up wasn’t any fun…i think you’ll be able to handle it just fine:) or you could use this as an excuse to buy some more yarn:)

  2. I love the idea of the Hitchhiker’s dish cloth, that is just too funny! I find it even more hilarious that it was designed for a Nascar number and has been adopted by Hitchhiker’s fans 🙂

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