Technically It’s Not Friday

It might technically be Saturday now, since it’s past midnight, but I’m going to write my Friday FO post. I might as well since I’m up. And not by choice. Miss Annabelle decided she doesn’t have to sleep tonight. Baby doesn’t sleep means I don’t sleep. So I’m up.

Now today’s FO, although finished was a bit of “when knitting attacks!” (Listen to the Knitmore Girls if you don’t get the reference) I still have to add a snap at the top which will just take a few minutes, but I washed Miss Annabelle’s Cabled Baby Raglan today. Well, there was another knit sweater in the wash made from Malabrigo Sock in the colorway Tiziano Red. This sweater was an amazing present from A Tangled Thread (which I LOVE!), and it’s been washed several times. But it apparently bleeds. I first noticed it when she was feeding, and her top would get wet. The color would bleed through to the onsie beneath. So I did what any knitter would do….I soaked it in vinegar. I thought it was all good. Apparently not. I had to rewash a few things in the wash today (after soaking them in Oxyclean), so I couldn’t get pictures on Miss A. So here’s the sweater. Great pattern. I don’t think I like the drape of the yarn. I modified it to short-sleeve and I’m really glad I did since it’s a bit large and will probably fit for a good portion of the summer. I’ll get a picture of it on her later this weekend to share!



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