Controlled Chaos


For today’s WIP Wednesday I have my Dad in Argyle, as I’m calling it. An argyle golf club cover. I still have My Monkeys, and 42 dishcloth on the needles as well, but haven’t really made much progress. As I mentioned last week, the golf club cover is faire isle knitting with 3 different colors, and the yarn is doubled fingering weight. Basically, I’m dealing with alot of strands of yarn at once so the words controlled chaos may even be a bit of an exaggeration.

I finished the “cuff” of the cover and started the stranded knitting. I would have been able to do it the way I was, but I was just getting too frustrated. I knew I wasn’t using the right techniques. So I ripped down, and looked to my knitting library for some help. I couldn’t find my favorite reference book, Knitting for Dummies so I inspected the other choices. That’s when I found that my Stitch & Bitch Superstar Knitting had a section on knitting with 2 colors. I figured that’s where I should start, even though I’m working with 3. The book suggested knitting inside out so all the floats would be wider and you avoid the tightness you can get with stranded knitting. Since alot of the notes on ravelry mentioned people had problems with the tightness, I figured I would give it a try. It could only help, right? The biggest problem I had was “catching” the floats correctly. So after using my resources, I think I will be able to get this project done with less frustration and swearing!

I’ve also been working on a big project. It’s a bit of a secret though. It’s also a different craft. I’m changing it up a little! Here’s all I can share now, but maybe soon I can show you full pictures!


5 thoughts on “Controlled Chaos

  1. 42 dishcloths on the needles….wowzer, you must have lots of needles. Curious, is the number 42 significant? It’s not one a month, or one a week…you’ve got me thinking, lol.

  2. hey laura, good luck with catching your floats. i found that as long as i carry it every 3-5 stitches and stretch it the length it would normally flow along the back that i don’t get puckering…not sure if that helps you or not. i can’t wait to see it finished though:) i was planning on making one of these for a friend:) i imagine holding the yarn doubled is a bit of a pain though…good luck:) maybe we should skype sometime and i can show you what i mean if you need additional help:)

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