It Sew Easy!

I made a Moby! If you don’t know what a Moby is, it’s a type of baby carrier wrap. But they are expensive! And I might figure its worth it if wasn’t just a large piece of material. It was so easy to make! I bought six yards of material; cotton gauze to be exact. I picked this because the summer is approaching and it’s nice and lightweight, plus it has a bit of stretch to it. In hindsight I probably only needed five yards to make it. Then you cut it in half length-wise and seam all the edges. Sounds so hard right? Oh, and did I mention you have two after that? The faux-moby can be wrapped all different ways to hold the baby. To wrap it the directions refer to the logo, so I just bought a cute iron-on transfer for that spot. The second one went to my Sister-in-law who just had another little baby girl this month!


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