I’ve had serious startitis this past week. And I’ve actually fought it a bit. I’ve cast on 2 projects but I’ve seriously wanted to cast on more. But I fought it. Because I have two projects almost done, so I have to keep working on them and just get them cast-off! One of them, My Monkeys; I Just finished the heel. The foot will be nice and easy. I’m hoping to get these socks, or the #42 dishcloth done for Finished Object Friday. One of the two of them, hopefully!

Startitis: I started….and finished a hat. So that project stays hush-hush till Friday. I started a Hitchhiker with the cotton blend yarn I dyed. I haven’t decided yet if I like it and if I will continue on. I love the yarn, but I’m just not sure if it is right for the pattern. We’ll see what I decide. I’d welcome your opinions! I think that led to part of my startitis, but that’s where I fought it off! I do really want to cast-on a Nuvem with some of my Wollemeise Lace because it would make an excellent nursing cover. I discovered it on the Wollmeiseholics Spring KAL. I also really want to cast-on another pair of socks but I. Must. Finish. Monkeys. First.


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