Lazy Day

By lazy day, I mean I’m being lazy. So that means no pictures. Sorry! I know blog post can be boring when you don’t include the pictures but today I just plain don’t feel like it. In fact I’m not sure if I can even remember everything that is on my needles because it’s just been that type of week and I’m not quite sure if my body has caught up on sleep yet. So really this is going to be a random, no real flow list of what I’m working on. My Monkeys are still on the needles. I hate saying that because I’ve been almost exclusively working on them to try to get them off the needles. I will say that should happen today though. Be on the lookout for them on FO Friday. I haven’t made any progress on my Dad in Argyle, a golf club cover. I haven’t frogged my Hitchhiker Pat, and I plan to continue on with it. At least until I have a better sense of how I feel about it. I also cast-on a Mothers Day present since it’s coming up. That’s it really. I promise next time I’ll have pictures! Go on and check out some more interesting WIP Wednesday posts!

2 thoughts on “Lazy Day

  1. I fully expect you will have your Monkey socks finished by Friday! I hate that point in a project when it seems like it’s never going to end…. ugh. It’s so sweet that you’ve cast-on a project for you mom for Mother’s day! I knit my parents each a sweater last year for their respective holiday. Now, I can’t think of any way to outdo my own effort….

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