Last Chance!

It’s been a while since I’ve had a normal blog post. And I feel like it’s been forever since I did a WIP Wednesday post. But it’s only been two weeks. Not really that long! I want to thank the 3 people who signed up for my Pay It Forward Handmade! I’m very excited, and think I’ve figured out the right gifts for everyone. I also want to thank everyone for visiting during Knit Crochet Blog Week. I got 35 comments and over 200 hits during the week. I also want to thank Eskimimi for hosting because although I had fun writing my posts I also very much enjoyed reading others, and found a few new blogs to follow.

Go check out the Photo Challenge finalists over at Eskimimi Makes and vote. I have to say that the photographers are very talented and all the finalists were amazing. Of course everyone did a great job, even people who weren’t nominated.

Speaking of Knit Crochet Blog Week, I’m reminding everyone that there are still two days till my voting closes for my “Reader’s Choice Project“. Go vote for which yarn and pattern I should work on next!

That was a little summary of recent events. Now onto WIP Wednesday; there isn’t very much on the needles at this moment. Nothing to show for. I cast-on Little Owls, ripped it out because it was too big, and recast-on. I’ve also still got Lavendel on the needles, but no progress is made. It looks just like last time. And Hitchhiker Pat is off the needles, so you’ll see that on Friday! Of course this means there might be a bit of startitis before next week’s post!


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