Yarn & Wood

It’s finished object Friday! And I have two things to share with you! I’m very excited about this one. Mainly because I’ve wanted to knit the Hitchhiker for so long, and it’s finally done! I also have something to share, that I wasn’t expecting to be done.

First, the Hitchhiker pattern. I knit this up with some German sock yarn I had dyed. I didn’t realize till I finished that I didn’t have enough yarn. I think because the yarn is part cotton though, it made it very stretchy, so I’m kind of glad that I only was able to knit 35 out of the 42 teeth. As far as I’m concerned, it’s big enough! And I absolutely love my Hitchhiker Pat!


I also have had the supplies to make a “name plate” or sorts for Miss A’s bedroom wall. I started painting the letters this week. I didn’t expect to be done so soon, but I finished this morning! Mostly because my daughter decided to sleep for 10 hours last night, so I was up before her. So the letters are done, then I will be posting again when they are actually up on the wall.



8 thoughts on “Yarn & Wood

  1. I think I love the color of that shawl, it’s so springy and just works well with the pattern. And the letters are very cute too 🙂

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