I know I’ve been gone for quite a bit of time without warning. I thought I’d still get to posting while on vacation. The fact that I didn’t just proves I had too much fun! And now I’m in for more fun and some chaos! I return from my vacation, the next day we celebrate my husband’s birthday, and the next day we sign for the keys to our new house and then the moving begins! Glad to say that my husbands cousin is going to help out with Miss A which will be a huge help to us, and the second car for a week or so will also be great.

Short summary of vacation: Great Aunt, Grandma and Uncle/godfather came down for Miss A’s baptism, and we hitched a ride up to Michigan with them for the return trip. Stopped in Kansas City for a museum, then St Louis for the Arch. Spent 3 weeks on Lake Michigan, and Great Grandparents came to meet Miss A. Took the train to Chicago to meet another Great Aunt, then train to St Louis to meet another Great Aunt and Uncle and a few cousins. We’re still in St. Louis and will be driving back to Kansas tomorrow.

Now for some pics of Miss A on vaca!!





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