Summer Hiatus

With no intentions to do so, I’ve pretty much been gone for two whole months! I can’t believe it and I really am going through blogging withdrawal. And I’ve been up to so much!! Although that’s what has kept me so busy and away, it has also given me so much to blog about. So I’m back for WIP Wednesday!

First of all, I’m in a new house. And that is the biggest WIP of all, right now. Trying to get things unpacked. And I don’t just want them out of the box like the last house. I’m going to be here for at least a few years, so now I’m really trying to methodically unpack. With everything in the right place, adding organization to my life, and for once, a little decoration too. So far I am absolutely loving living on a military post. The convenience of it all is so worth it! I have great neighbors, spouses who all go through the same thing as I do everyday. With that said….I have neighbors! Last house we were at the dead end of a not so great street on the outskirts of town. No one to really talk to around there. And we might be in a duplex this time, instead of a house, but I have yet to really hear the neighbors through the wall and we still have much more room!

Next up: Tour de France….which in turn, means Tour de Fleece. I’ve been participating for the first time this year, and I will have to set a much higher goal in the future. I apparently underestimated what I was capable of because I reached my goal in the first five days. So a few things to share from Tour de Fleece for FO Friday: keep a look out! I still have spun every day of the tour, have been documenting my progress through Instagram and plan to continue on that way till the end. Right now I’m working on spinning up some Schoppel Wolle Pencil Roving. I don’t know where I got it, but would love to get my hands on more!

Now finally onto knitting. I’m working on a few things right now. Currently trying to get Lavendel Socks done for my Aunt. They are her birthday present, which passed this week.

Also working on The Boneyard Shawl as a gift for a dear friend.

*ETA- sorry the formatting is kind of wonky.  Trying to adjust again!


4 thoughts on “Summer Hiatus

  1. Yay for more room and great neighbors! Those two things make up for a whole lot. Your projects are gorgeous. The purple socks have Wollmeise written all over them. Am I right? Either way, that’s one lucky aunt you have!

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