First, the new app I’m using today to make the pretty picture above is called Diptic.  I’ve been looking for a good way to make collage photos and found that one.  Thinking I might put it onto my computer as well as my iPhone.  It’s a nice way to do an overview of what’s going on, rather than having real picture heavy posts.  What do you guys think?

Today’s WIP Wednesday includes something that’s not exactly fiber related.  Me!  I had a baby in January and of course a goal of mine was to lose the baby weight.  6 months later (I know…my baby is 6 months!  I can’t believe it!)  I’ve lost the baby weight plus some.  Plus alot, actually.  I’ve lost 38 lbs and I have about 12 more to reach my goal.  And I truthfully haven’t been doing alot in the way of working out.  That has changed this past week.  Something about seeing how small I’ve gotten has given me the realization that if I really work for it and put a whole lot of effort forth I may be able to get down close to what I used to be.  A year ago I never would have even thought that was possible (aside from hiring a personal trainer and spending alot of money on weight loss).  But now I feel like I can put forth the work and only have to make some minor tweaks in my current lifestyle, and still get there.  Or at least close to there. Yesterday I started a 21 day Cardio Kickstart program. So, needless to say I’m super proud of myself for even getting this far, and hope I can continue the progress!!

I still have got Schoppel Wolle pencil roving on the drop spindle.  Continuing on with the Tour De Fleece, and I’ve only missed one day!!  Yesterday.  I guess I got too pre-occupied with working out (never thought I’d say that!)  But I’m super excited at the colors of the pencil roving.  When you buy it, its different than seeing a braid or batt of fiber.  It’s all wound up, so you don’t really know what the colors on the inside are.  I am pleasantly surprised by the pink since it’s pretty much my favorite color.  I think the finished yarn, once I get it plied is going to be ultra-bright and pretty vivid.  Can’t wait!

Apparently there is a purple theme today.  And these Lavendel socks definitely are a big part of it.  I love this Wollmeise Lavendel colorway.  And the pattern – Lilacs is perfect!!  I can’t wait till I’m done and can gift them over to my Aunt.

Last, what looks like a random pile of PVC pipe really does have some rhyme and reason to it.  It’s going to be a niddy-noddy.  You may not know what a niddy-noddy is if you aren’t a spinner.  Well, it is a tool used to make a skein of yarn.  Here’s a demonstration.

Most are expensive and made out of wood, like the one in the following video.  I’m cheap.  And on a tight budget.  But with all the spinning I’ve been doing I had the need for one.  I followed the directions from this blog post, and had all the right size pieces cut at the hardware store.  But I got the wrong T joins and the ones I bought have threads in them, so I have to go exchange them.  That’s why it is still in-progress.  Hope you enjoyed reading my post today and head on over to Tami’s Amis to check out more WIP Wednesday posts!

PS Keep your eye out for a giveaway for my 200th post!


4 thoughts on “Purple

  1. Photo collages are a neat idea. I usually use bighugelabs but will be checking out Diptic now. All of your WIP’s are lovely! I envy how easy it has been for you to lose the baby weight. The last few pounds are the hardest.

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