Fibre [Fiber] Appreciation Thursday

Recently I came across a blog named A Stash Addict.  She is a British woman who dyes yarn and fiber.  She has amazing pictures and after seeing this I started following her on Instagram as well.  I can’t describer her colors to you.  The only words that I can think are pure happiness.  Go check her out her blog and shop for yourself!  To get to the point, she has started a new blog meme called Fibre Appreciation Thursday, as you probably gathered from today’s title.

Basically it’s a day to talk about certain yarn or roving.  That’s stuff you display and never want to use because it’s too pretty or maybe it has some sentimental value.  Maybe you find yourself returning to this particular yarn or shop.  Talk about that dyer who’s stuff you just can’t get enough of.  I think it’s a topic I definitely don’t give much time to, but it does deserve a bit of my time.  I may not participate every week, but I would like to when I have something good to say.


Today I’m going to talk about Schoppel-Wolle.  I’ve used several of their yarn lines now.  A friend introduced me to their Zauberball line but it was somewhat expensive to me then.  Mostly because I would have to buy it from an online American store and have it shipped to Germany, when it was shipped to them from Germany. So when I finally came across it in an actual German yarn store I of course bought it!  I made Revontuli Shawl with the first one and was in love with the color repeats.  I tried the Zauberball Crazy next and loved the way the colors were broken up and looked.  I also happened to pick up their pencil roving once and didn’t even know it was made by them!  Just loved the fiber so much.  This was when I had just bought a spindle but hadn’t done much with it.

Now I have two FOs made with Schoppel-Wolle yarn and am very close to having yarn spun out of their fiber.  I’ve been planning on making a Daybreak by Stephen West, for a long time and saw how people combined two different shades of Zauberball.  I found two shades I wanted and thought would combine well and had them special ordered.  Then they got shoved in a box that I didn’t have access to for over a year.  I wasn’t to excited about this.  I just got it and am waiting for the Ravellenic Games to start when the Olympics do, and cast on my Daybreak during the Opening Ceremonies.  I cannot wait.

I think with the popularity of Zauberball, so much of the other things Schoppel-Wolle has to offer are overlooked.  I’ve decided I want to keep this in mind next time I have to order yarn of any brand really.  I want to try the stuff that might get overlooked.  So check out those “other” yarns sometime.  They might be worth the look!

2 thoughts on “Fibre [Fiber] Appreciation Thursday

  1. I think it will work beautifully for Daybreak – it’s such a great pattern for showing off gorgeous yarns! Looking forward to seeing your Daybreak 🙂

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