Tour de Fleece

I’ve mentioned Tour de Fleece here before.  I’ve long surpassed my goal of spinning the fiber I had gotten with the spindle.   I bought my spindle at a farmer’s market in South Haven, MI while on vacation.  It’s not my first spindle, but my other two were very short lived, and I had never actually finished a skein of yarn.  So when I plowed through this fiber in days, it sure surprised me!  I think it is just because the spindle is so nice.  It’s handcrafted, made from walnut, and I believe it only weighs 0.8 oz.  Perfect for spinning nice and thin, which is really what I like to do.   The woman said this was one of the very last her supplier had made because he somehow put his hand through his circular saw.  I was sad to hear that, and I think it is what sold me on buying this particular one.  She had two, and the other was made by a different source.    I wish I could tell you where I got it from, but I cannot find their business card at the moment. So here’s the farmer’s market fiber, which came with the spindle and I’m calling Public Market Pink.

The next fiber was from Tempted Fibers.  I bought this roving well over a year ago.  Actually it was part of The Knit Girllls Spring 2011 Spin-a-long.  I spun it as soon as I got it, started to ply it, put it away for a while, then it got packed in my stuff from Germany and when I pulled it out, the spindle it was on was broken in half.  So I finally pulled it out, finished plying it, washed it and got it skeined up.  I LOVE it!  I’m going to make a sweater for the little babe out of it, and can’t wait to cast on!  Well, I think I’ll have to wait till the Ravellenic Games start.  Go check out other FO Friday posts!


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